Pablo Galve Millán

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Passionate developer looking for opportunities to grow.
Self driven and always learning.


TurboX-Engine | 3D Game Engine

October '20 - January '21

I coded a 3D game engine with a built-in particle system from scratch, using c++ as well as external libraries.

  • OpenGL for rendering.
  • ImGui for the interface.
  • Particle System.
  • Team size: 2 developers.

Fallout Strategy | Real-time Strategy Game

February '20 - June '20

Real-time strategy game in which you have to compete against 3 enemy factions to win. I was the QA lead as well as a game programmer.

  • Tech Used: c++ and SDL2.
  • Continuous Integration and Development
  • Team size: 8 developers.

Caramel Trading Engine

September '18 - July '20

An online marketplace for users to buy and sell stocks. Real-time matching engine that allows trading between users.

  • Tech Used: PHP, SQL, html/css.
  • FTP and MySQL databases.
  • Version Control with GitHub.
  • Team size: Solo project.

Back In Time | 2D Platformer Game

September '19 - December '19

2D Platformer game with 2 levels and 2 types of enemies. My role was game programming.

  • Tech Used: c++ and SDL2.
  • Team size: 2.

Samurai Shodown | 2D Fighting Game

February '19 - June '19

This was my first project at university. Me and my 3 teammates recreated the fighting game Samurai Shodown from 1993. I worked on:

  • State machine for player movement
  • Special attack and combo input
  • Basic collider system
  • Team size: 4.